Unit Resources

Information for units

This section contains information for units and unit leaders within the council. If you were looking to find out information about the units in our council, you might want to take a look at the District Pages .

Adult Leader Training

2014 Applications

Adult Application - Click Here

Youth Application - Click Here

Internet Advancement

Online advancement tracking is also now available. Click here for instructions.

You may also download a fillable Advancement Report form HERE

Internet Rechartering

Unit rechartering and advancement tracking may now be done online Click Here to access Internet Rechartering.  You will need to sign on as a new user every year as the last year's access codes will not work..

Tour Plans

Units needing to request a tour plan for an upcoming event may now do so online through the myscouting website or click here for a fillable Tour Planning Worksheet.     Click Here to learn more.

Certificate of Insurance

Units needing to request a certificate of insurance for an upcoming event may do so by clicking here for the request form.  Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing.  Requests will be processed in the order that they are received.

Medical Form

 Click here  to download the Annual Health and Medical Record (updated 2014)

Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to connect Scouts and Parents with the Leaders in your Unit.  Here are a few guidelines on using it with the Scouting Program.

Address Change

If you have a change of address/telephone number/email, please email the Registrar at mdulaney@bsamail.org with the information.

Merit Badge Counseling

 Information on becoming a Merit Badge Counselor as well as other helpful information related to Merit Badge Counseling can be found on the Scouting Website.  Click here for more information

Click Here to download a fillable Merit Badge Counselor Application.  Note that if you are a new Merit Badge Counselor you will need to attach a completed adult application also.  This must be completed even if you are already registered elsewhere in the council.  There is no charge to register as a Merit Badge Counselor