Short Term Camping

Short term-camping fees are as follows:

  1. Buck Run
    1. Buck Run Building $40,
    2. Buck Run Dining hall $50,
    3. Buck Run Site $20
  2. Camp Conestoga  
    1. Conestoga site $25
  3. Camp Tenacharison
    1. Camp site $25
    2. Wolenter Lodge $40 per night
  4. Per person use fee for District and Council events $1.00 per person
  5. Out of Council use fee for events is $2.00 per person.

In Council Units will receive a $10.00 discount on second or more use of Camp Facilities during a calendar year.

Please use the Short term Camping applications below.  There is one for Camp Tenacharison, and one for Eberly Scout Reservation.  For more information, contact the council service center at 724-837-1630.  Fax completed applications to 724-832-8780.

    Camp Tenacharison Short Term Camp 

    Eberly Scout Reservation Short Term Camp

Tenacharison Short Term Camping Calendar - updated 3-21-13

 Eberly Short Term Camping Calendar - updated 3-21-13