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At Camp Conestoga there are plenty of opportunities for your Scouts to experience the Scouting program at its very finest. There are programs available for young and old Scouts alike. The new Scouts can become acquainted with Camp Conestoga and the summer camp experience in the Pathfinder Program. Older Scouts can participate in our COPE program or our high adventure program, Mini-Phil. All of this and more provides a great opportunity for your Scouts to continue on their trail to eagle. Outstanding facilities, dedicated and enthusiastic Camp Staff, diverse advancement opportunities, program features for first year campers and older Scouts all add up to adventures that will truly last a lifetime.

Camp Conestoga Online Merit Badge Registration is Now Open!
by Alexander Miller, Camp Conestoga Program Director

A Scout is prepared and here at Camp Conestoga, we want to be as prepared as possible for every Boy Scout and Venture Scout attending camp. In order to do this, we need your help!

This year, instead of using the Rusty Tent software to register your scouts for merit badge summits, we will be using a Google Forms survey that can be found on both the Westmoreland Fayette Council website and the Eberly Scout Reservation, Westmoreland Fayette Council Facebook page. The survey will ask a troop/crew representative to report the number of youth in your unit interested in attending each of our merit badge summits. For instance, if there are three youth who would like to take Camping merit badge during the 9 AM summit, put a three in that blank. If there are no youth interested in Open Boating during the 11 AM summit, then be sure to put a zero in that blank.

While having each troop/crew register their scouts for merit badge summits ahead of time helps our staff be more prepared and put on a better program, no camper is “locked in” to their choices submitted via Google Form. If one of your campers decides that a different badge is more interesting, they will always be guaranteed a spot in any of our non-restricted badges (badges without a class size limit listed in the Leader’s Guide) – whether they registered or not. On the other hand, registering for a badge with a restricted class size via Google Forms does NOT guarantee any scout a spot in that class. If a camper is interesting in attending one of these badges, he or she must still report to the first day of class where the roster will be determined by age and then rank until all spots in the class are filled.

Finally, each unit should complete their registration survey no later than noon on the Monday before they arrive at camp. This will help ensure that we have sufficient staff and supplies in each program area for the upcoming week. Thank you for your cooperation and I’ll see you on the trail!

Directions for Camp Conestoga Merit Badge Registration:
1) Click the appropriate link for the week your unit is attending camp. This should open a survey in your web browser. Make sure that the week listed at the top of the survey matches the week you are attending camp.

Year-round Resources:

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You can also download current documents and forms below

2016 Leaders Guide

2016 Campership Application